Become a Provider

Join the Mobian Platform like 100+ other providers already did.

In view of the current mobility developments, it is important to consider  the solution you offer, the audience you target and what Mobian can do for you. Mobian offers more exposure of your solution through the network of resellers and enables you to reach more potential customers. By pairing up with Mobian, you contribute to making locations better reachable. When you join the Mobian Platform you directly get the benefits of:

  • Making your mobility solution immediately visible and/or bookable for 500+ resellers and thus for your potential customers
  • Filling up immediately available spots or seats
  • Showing your brand on your customer’s booking voucher for extra brand awareness

What’s great about joining Mobian is that it’s easy to connect, even when you do not offer a bookable solution. This means that Mobian shows every type of mobility solution on the platform. After registration, you will receive a login from Mobian, with which you can easily view and connect Mobian’s technical solutions to your service. Next to that, you can follow your statistics and see the extra turnover you created.

When you join Mobian, you will automatically be provided with the following standard services:

Contact centre

This allows resellers to discuss questions about your mobility solutions directly with Mobian. This relieves you from the hassle of the contact with different resellers.

Administration point

This ensures that you will receive the money for the services you provided by sending only one invoice per month to us.